Common CrossFit Mistakes and What To Do


Not seeing the results you hoped? You may be falling victim to some common rookie mistakes, but don’t worry we have advice to help get you back on track.


Maybe you’re on the top of every list, moving serious weight and meeting each challenge head on. Or, you could be working hard, but still need more help to push onto the next level. Perhaps, you are cheating yourself out of the best you can be. Wherever you are in your fitness challenge, there is always room for improvement. Even the fittest among us sometimes need advice and feedback regarding techniques. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes and how to fix them.


Mistake #2 “Pickers and Choosers”


Part of the Crossfit culture is to challenge and push yourself with each WOD, even if the workout contains the dreaded burpees, high jumping box jumps or ab killing sit-ups. Choosing your workout or dedication to your WOD based on what you like is only cheating you at of getting strong.


Also known as cherry picking, dodging certain movements goes against the very foundation of Crossfit — meet each challenge head-on and improve each time you do. Don’t run from your weakness. Don’t skip out because of a movement you don’t enjoy or struggle with. Those are the ones you should attack head-on before or after class, if not both.  Crossfit isn’t about being good at everything, but it is about making you work stronger and harder. As I teach class, jumping from person to person, I see people struggle with a movement or WOD. What you do with your struggle is where the real beauty or beast in your fitness journey lies. Some say “it’s too hard” then give up, give in and miss out on that opportunity to push their personal mental limitations. Others realize there is an opportunity to jump back up with a smile and give it another go. There is an opportunity to ask for more direction on what they did wrong or need to correct. Most Crossfit athletes are very focused on what the WOD is and it is natural to be aware that we all are better at certain movements then others. The mistake lies in people finding ways to avoid certain WODs or movements. Popular culprits – double-unders, snatches and overhead squats.


Fixing it:


So the big key here is to stick to the program and to really buy into it. If you’re not totally in but expect to get better though osmosis, good luck. That is not how this works. You need to work for it, work for the change you want to see in your body. It is after all called a work out. I use to substitute box jumps for double-unders all the time, and found out the hard way that taking that “easy” route was not the way to go. So I ended up buying my own jump rope, and putting some extra time in outside of the gym. Focus on a challenge you want to fix, come in early or stay late. Put in a little extra time to overcome your fear or dislike of a movement. If you are at a lost on how to get better ask any one of our coaches. We all want to see each of you succeed, get stronger and be the best you can be.