Not Giving Your All –

A lack of commitment to your CrossFit program, or lack of engagement during each session is not only hurting your fitness goal, but can be dangerous. If you are just going through each motion, each push up, box jump or slam ball, you’re not really doing CrossFit. Unlike other fitness styles, CrossFit isn’t just about moving, but about learning how to move, how to get strong and how to be more agile, all with the goal that you know the correct form on your own. Only giving CrossFit half your dedication will only give you half the results. In the end, you are only cheating yourself at a strong version of yourself.



The Fix:

Show up on time, or better yet, early. Casually walking into the box cheats you of time you could be using to prep both your body and mind for the upcoming workout. Arriving on time or earlier, gives you plenty of time to warm up the muscles and get your head in the game.  As you stretch, roll and warm your muscles, you can think about why you are here, and what your personal fitness goal—your motivation. You don’t need huge goals, achievable goals will help keep you fresh and ready to kick ass.