Competition is a core component of CrossFit, and not just the professional competitions, but also the competition you have with yourself. You’re always pushing yourself to do better than before, to reach to the next level, a new PR or even an RX. You compete against your own score for key benchmark workouts like Fran, Grace and Helen. It’s knowing that you can do better that produces results and sets CrossFit apart from other programs.


Even though competition is a great motivator, it is important to step back and focus on the differences between training and competition. Treating each and every WOD like a competition can lead to over training, injuries, and poor technique. Slowing down, and taking the time to properly learn the correct movement will lead to greater success and records on the white board. If you are churning out pull ups for time, but your technique is poor, you are only hurting yourself and your fitness journey.

The fix:
Slowing down will increase your times but improve your form. You can only improve on your weaknesses by taking the time to get stronger. If you lack depth and form in squats, it shows in your wall balls, cleans, and snatches. When you take the time to maximize your mobility, you will see improvement over all, and then your times on the board will get better and better. So remember, focus on the end goal, the proper form and technique, and the rest will catch up.