From Beyond “Sissy” Resilience: On Becoming Antifragile:

What’s the opposite of a person or organization that’s fragile?

If you ask most people this question, they’ll likely say “robust” or “resilient.” But philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb would say that’s not the right answer.
He argues that if fragile items break when exposed to stress, something that’s the opposite of fragile wouldn’t simply not break (thus staying the same) when put under pressure; rather, it should actually get stronger.

This is an interesting outlook – and well matches the CrossFit mentality.

We do not break.
We do not just survive.
We adapt and grow.

With every effort:

We will either get stronger, faster, more agile, more flexible, or smarter.

We will find balance, and We will progress.

Have you plateaued? Step back and look at yourself. Where do you need to apply more stress? Where do you need to push harder? Do you need to be stronger? Move faster? Drive longer?
Did you break? What did you learn from it? While you heal – plan. If you come back smarter, with a plan to move forward, then you did not break in vain. You will have gained from the pain.

I think we may need to make this shirt: