The September Member of the Month is one of the most powerful women I know. She is powerfully strong, but also has a powerful will. She faces every workout head on and epitomizes the CrossFit ideal of going after the movements she hates with as much vigor, or more, than those she loves. Join us in congratulating Tini on being voted the CrossFit Bothell September Member of the Month!!!

And now, some input form Tini herself:

Q1: What is CrossFit to you?

A1:  CrossFit to me is a place of acceptance no matter who you are or what you can do.  It is a family that is always there to support and motivate you to keep pushing yourself to be the best possible you.  

Hand Stand Push upQ2: What do you love about CrossFit?

A2: Everything!  I might complain about certain workouts or movements but deep down I love them all.  Some are more frustrating because I am not as good at those as others.  But I love the way I feel after I finish a challenging workout and the sense of accomplishment for pushing through even when I didn’t want to.  

Q3: What do you love about CrossFit Bothell?

A3:  I love the people!  Everyone is so encouraging and supportive.  I love how everyone gives each other high fives after the workouts and recognizes that everyone just did the best that they could do.  

Q4: What’s your biggest accomplishment at CrossFit thus far?

A4:   Not being so hard on myself.  I have learned that it is not a competition with others but with yourself.  To know that if you gave it your all, that is all that matters.  

Q5: What is the goal you are working on at CrossFit?

A5: I am really trying to work on my cardio/endurance.  I am a strong girl and can lift heavy stuff but when it comes to running and keeping my endurance up, I am not so good.  I am really loving the Wednesday night endurance class!  

Q6: What’s your favorite thing to do at CrossFit?

A6: I love lifting heavy.  I have been able to get so many PR’s since joining CrossFit Bothell! Backsquat

Q7: What’s your favorite thing to do outside the gym?

A7:  That’s a tough one because there are so many things!  But I love road trips.  So many fun times and memories come out of road trips.    

Q8: If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

A8: I would be an elephant.  Elephants are such beautiful, smart, gentle giants, and they travel in herds.  You always have to have family and friends around to enjoy life with.  I think that it is interesting that the alpha-female is chosen not according to the strongest or most aggressive personality, but by the respect earned by other elephants.  She demonstrates leadership through her wisdom, strength and her extraordinary skills in problem-solving, social intelligence, open-ness, decisiveness, patience, confidence, and compassion.  Just shows how special these animals are.

Q9: What’s the greatest band ever? (Editor Note: the only right answer to this question is METALLICA)

A9:  Sorry guys but it is not Metallica.  I love all types of music but my favorite band is Kings of Leon.  I have seen them in concert every time they have been to Seattle. 

faceQ10: What’s your favorite cheat meal?

A10:  My first job was in a pizza restaurant and I loved it!  So pizza is always my go to.  You can literally never go wrong!

Q11: What is your CrossFit story and what has CrossFit done for you since you have been coming?

A11:  I always say that I wish I wish I would have known about CrossFit sooner.  CrossFit is the first gym that I have actually felt welcome and not judged.  I have always been a strong girl and I when I was younger I was always made to feel that was not how girls are supposed to be.  When I started CrossFit, it was the first place where people would say “Wow… you’re strong and that is awesome.”  It was/is very empowering for me.  I could not see my life without CrossFit in it.