Coach Jeremy once told me: “You can always do one more wallball”
For a young guy, he was very wise.
You can always get one more rep
No matter how much pain
Or how tired
I may not be able to breath
but I don’t need air for just one rep
I don’t know my limits
and I will never find them
If I don’t at least try
For one more rep

and maybe another

Did you collapse?
Did you pass out?
No? Then you had one more rep in you.

Don’t get me wrong, don’t collapse in our gym.
We should not push ourselves this far in every WOD. That is not sustainable and not healthy.
But don’t tell me that you couldn’t do any more.
Admit it, even if only to yourself.
You chose to stop.
There is no shame. In fact, sometimes it takes more will power to know when to back off.

Be honest with yourself, and be conscious of your motives and rationalizations.
If you don’t have a plan. A reason to break up the reps. A reason to slow down.

Then just do one more rep.