This post is a little longer read – but worth it!

We thought it was time to explain the theory behind CFB programming for those of you who want to know why you are doing what you are doing each day. The CrossFit Bothell Programming has evolved, and continues to evolve, as our community grows, changes, improves, and adapts.

All WODs will be structured within the following Programming Concept of Operations:

  1. We love CrossFit, we believe in CrossFit. We follow traditional CrossFit foundational theory to optimize balance with the ten general physical skills: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy through constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.
  2. We optimize efficiency by making sure that members get the the best fitness possible for their time in the gym.
  3. We keep the workouts fun and engaging, so that members are consistently motivated to come work out. Only through consistency will athletes meet their goals.
  4. Our daily WODs fit within one of three general formats, and the focus will be clearly communicated to athletes:
    1. Skill + WOD, with WOD focus:
      • These days will focus on the finer points of improving coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy of movement in the skill section.
        1. Olympic lifts with lower weight reps where the coach will help with form and function.
        2. Gymnastic movements where the the coach will work athletes through progressions.
      • The WOD focus means that the athlete has saved their energy for applying the highest possible intensity to the WOD. These are the days where the athlete will “turn it up to 11” in the WOD.
    2. Skill + WOD, with Skill focus
      • These Skill focus days target building stamina and strength through heavier lifting focused on the primary movements of squat variations, deadlift, press, cleans, jerk, and snatch. Give this part of the day the respect it deserves, it can take just as much out of you as a hard WOD.
      • The WOD will be shorter with whatever intensity you have left after the skill session, do not save yourself for this WOD, but make sure you get your sweat on.
    3. WOD
      • These WOD days will focus in improving endurance with slightly longer WODs.
      • There will be a longer warmup, including time for flexibility training.
  5. Through the combination of these modalities, we develop the last two general skills of power and speed to complete our general physical preparedness.
  6. On all days, there will be affinity of movements between the Warmup, Mobility, Skill, and the WOD. For example, the Warmup will activate the hip flexors, the Skill may be Squat Cleans, and the WOD will include Front Squats.