I just had to share this to the larger group, with Holly’s permission … this is a testament to what Hard Work at CrossFit, a Focus on Diet, and Determination can do for YOU!

The picture on the left is while doing tons of cardio.
The picture on the right is after four months of CrossFit.


Now let’s hear from Holly herself:
CrossFit Bothell is amazing! I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of Laura Yuza Shearer, Rob ShearerAlec LangtonKaelyn Heins Weaver, and Amir Mohazzabfar. And of course our departed brethren Jeff and Jackie Langton. Love that place!!! They are going to help me Spartan up next Saturday. 14 miles of mud muck and crap and just pure hell (oh I mean fun 😀). So much fun!! If anything… Thank you!!
Editor’s note: Holly went on to dominate the Spartan race and is back at it, training again!