The December Member of the Month has been an inspiration to all, including his son who has also recently joined the community and us starting to give dad a run for his money. This man is quietly friendly to all, always encouraging, busting his ass in the gym at every visit, and helping out wherever he can with his fellow members.

Congratulations Will Gonzalez! You ARE CrossFit Bothell!

Now, lets hear from Will himself:


Q1: What is CrossFit to you?

A1: Crossfit for me has become a way to stay healthy, to feel empowered, challenged and a great way to encourage others.

Q2: What do you love about CrossFit?

A2: The challenge of each workout, the high five right there after, the encouragement of other class members to finish the workout…priceless!


Q3: What do you love about CrossFit Bothell?

A3: The people, the atmosphere, the coaches.

Q4: What’s your biggest accomplishment at CrossFit thus far?

A4: Having a great activity that I enjoy and that I get to share with my son…priceless!

Q5: What is the goal you are working on at CrossFit?

A5: I started trying to get healthier and fit. Now I’m trying to get stronger, and to keep learning skills I never tried/done before.

Q6: What’s your favorite thing to do at CrossFit?15284076_1342277249139722_1313944304932795784_n

A6: The Endurance workouts.

Q7: What’s your favorite thing to do outside the gym?

A7: I enjoy going to the movies.

Q8: If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

A8: Dog. Friendly, like to make people feel good.

Q9: What’s the greatest band ever? (Editor Note: the only right answer to this question is METALLICA)

A9: Sorry Rob, although I do like Metallica, got to go with Greenday!

Q10: What’s your favorite cheat meal?

A10: Ice cream.

Will and CrewQ11: What is your CrossFit story and what has CrossFit done for you since you have been coming?

A11: After trying running in an effort to get back into fitness and lose weight, I gave crossfit a try. I really enjoyed the challenge of every workout, the initial musle pain, the intro to weight lifting and the fact that I was gettting stronger week by week. Seeing my body change and not feeling tired all the time is part of what crossfit has done for me.