I am a little late getting this one out – sorry all, but it is worth the wait because the February Member of the Month is twice as awesome – because there are two of them!!! In honor of Valentines day, it was time to do a CrossFit Bothell Couple of the Month. CoM instead of MoM??
This power house couple represents everything that CrossFit Bothell stands for: Inclusiveness, #betterthanyesterday, fun, supportive, and of course *LOVE*

Without further gilding of the Lilly, I am happy to announce that this last month’s Couple of the Month is Heather and Kevin!

Lets hear from them:

14322747_1265644683469646_3292078889540795954_nQ1: What is CrossFit to you?


Kevin: To me Crossfit is the most efficient form of fitness programming that I have found.  Where else can you get so much fitness in only an hour?

Heather: A great form of exercise.



Q2: What do you love about CrossFit?

A2: .

Kevin: I love the efficiency, the push/energy you get from working out with others in the gym, and that there are always new movements to learn and refine.

Heather: I love the fact that it makes me almost feel like an athlete.

15420987_1356973197670127_3395498404010430959_nQ3: What do you love about CrossFit Bothell?


Kevin: Dave Castro….everyone else at CFB is great too.  Seriously though, like-minded exercisers with a common goal and positive attitudes, this makes for an excellent fitness experience for the entire CFB community.

Heather:I love the fact that everyone is awesome and has such welcoming and positive energy.

Q4: What’s your biggest accomplishment at CrossFit thus far?


Kevin: This seems like a boring answer, but I’ll say whatever I’ve gained in mobility up to now.  When I first started Crossfit I didn’t have any mobility, now I have a little.

Heather: I beat Kevin on a WOD. I am 100% positive that it will never happen again.


Q5: What is the goal you are working on at CrossFit?


Kevin: A flawless 135lb snatch.  Flawless defined as Lincoln doesn’t find anything that needs correcting.

Heather: I just want to be able to RX a workout.

Q6: What’s your favorite thing to do at CrossFit?


Kevin: Lately I’ve been enjoying Olympic weightlifting alot, mainly because there is always something to improve or practice,  Couple other mainstay favorites would be pull-ups and dubs.

Heather: I love doing box jumps, kettle bell work and back squats. 15589493_1370510339649746_3036090557169294596_n

Q7: What’s your favorite thing to do outside the gym?


Kevin: Mountain biking.  Only thing better than that is mountain biking with Heather and our two insane dogs.  Most dogs get excited about dog parks and car rides (ours do too)…but hop on a bike around our dogs and they start doing cheetah flips.

Heather: Ballroom dancing. It’s an amazing activity because it helps with spatial awareness, confidence and body control.

Q8: If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?


Kevin: Easiest question on the list: Cougar.  Pound for pound the strongest, most agile, animal in N. America.  If animals did Crossfit, a cougar would be the best parts of all the best Crossfit Games athletes.

Heather: A great white shark because no one messes with a great white shark. And if they do, they don’t win.

15978004_1399872503380196_3514808295230070306_nQ9: What’s the greatest band ever? (Editor Note: the only right answer to this question is METALLICA)


Kevin: Hardest question on the list.  A staple for me is Machine Head, but not sure I have a favorite.  Other honorable mentions would be Periphery, Minus the Bear, Faith No More, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden.

Heather: Foo Fighters, because Dave Grohl is awesome.


Q10: What’s your favorite cheat meal?


Kevin: Pizza and beer.  I would never get sick of this combination, the only thing that would be better would be donuts in the morning…followed by pizza and beer for lunch and dinner.

Heather: French fries and Reeses. I seriously stock up on holiday Reeses as if the apocalypse is near and they will be the only form of currency in the future.

16406417_1422797441087702_5147424808037384439_nQ11: What is your CrossFit story and what has CrossFit done for you since you have been coming?


Kevin: I had a brutal cycling accident in early 2013 that left me not walking well for about 6-months.  During that recovery I met my now wife and was looking into fitness alternatives that take less time commitment but still allow for high intensity.  I knew what Crossfit was, but all I knew was that my little (not that little) brother was really good at it, it seemed dangerous/barbaric, and he puked all the time after workouts so why would I want to do Crossfit?  I work with a guy who is ~65 years old and he is incredible shape. Anyways, I knew he did Crossfit and it was him who convinced me to give it a shot, mentioning that you don’t have to kill yourself to do Crossfit.  Fast forward to 2017 and I’m still doing Crossfit and loving it.  Crossfit Bothell has given me exposure to so many new fitness movements, goals, and friends.

Heather: I would stop by Crossfit from time to time to pick up Kevin or when I was walking the dogs and was always too intimidated to try. Finally in September of this year, I decided to give it a try since I was getting bored at the gym. I’m incredibly glad that I did because even though I still have no idea what I’m doing, I’m excited about the process.