My snatch is terrible.

My snatch is getting better.

I hit six pretty decent reps of my current snatch max during 17.3. I was super happy.

My snatch problem: I am slow getting under the bar, and I have terrible shoulder mobility.

These are fixable, and I am working on them, but I have not made very much progress.

It’s time to stop talking about what is wrong, and time to start talking about what I am doing to fix it.

I am making a mental shift.

When people ask why I am doing a certain drill; my response is not “Because I am slow,” it is “This is making me faster under the bar.”

When you ask me why I am inflicting pain on myself with a lacrosse ball; my response is not “Because I have terrible shoulder mobility,” it is “This is how I get my arms straight overhead.”

I have long since removed these kind of negative statements everywhere else in my life. Why would I be using them at the gym?

This is a place that is such a large part of my life, and a place where I have a huge support group helping me get better, this is a safe place to admit my weaknesses and work on them.

My request to my gym family: If you catch me making those two negative statements – punch me straight in the gut – that’ll teach me.