The CrossFit Bothell Member of the Month for March 2017 has been an inspiration to all. He pushes hard through every workout, he uses his fitness outside the gym, and he is smiling and welcoming to everyone. We are happy to congratulate Thom as the March Member of the Month!

And now – from Thom himself:

Q1: What is CrossFit to you?

A1: The part that I love about CrossFit is that the answer to this question keeps changing. When I started about six years ago it was an opportunity to get some exercise. The intensity and variation made it a lot of fun. Then it was about the community. The great people and supportive nature that CrossFit delivers. Today, it’s about the challenge to myself. An opportunity each time I enter the gym to see if I can show some improvement.

Q2: What do you love about CrossFit?

A2: The end of a hard WOD. Knowing that you pushed yourself and you made it.

Q3: What do you love about CrossFit Bothell?

A3: I love the community feel and help from everyone. The coaches have been great to work with.

Q4: What’s your biggest accomplishment at CrossFit thus far?

A4: Recently it has been the greater mobility and range of motion. This has helped me to push myself more.

Q5: What is the goal you are working on at CrossFit?

A5: Continue to get stronger and focus on cardio improvements.

Q6: What’s your favorite thing to do at CrossFit?

A6: I am more of a heavy lifting kind of guy. I would always prefer to move heavy weights.

Q7: What’s your favorite thing to do outside the gym?

A7: I love to scuba dive and try my hand at underwater photography.  This allows me to spend time with my wife and son enjoying the Puget sound. You can find some of my better photos at:

Q8: If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

A8: Our family English bulldog. She seems to have a great life that includes unlimited sleep, food and just hanging out. How could that be a bad life?

Q9: What’s the greatest band ever? (Editor Note: the only right answer to this question is METALLICA)

A9: Well I am a child of the 80’s. So, hair bands and metal are in my blood. The greatest is tough – Metallica, Poison, Quiet Riot, and the Crue all rank up there. If you need to go a bit more modern then Rob Zombie.

Q10: What’s your favorite cheat meal?

A10: Anything with large amounts of meat! If it’s fried, wrapped in bacon or peanut butter it’s so much better.

Q11: What is your CrossFit story and what has CrossFit done for you since you have been coming?

A11: I started CrossFit almost six years ago. I tried it initially because it looked fun and reminded me of when I was in the service (many years ago). I figured as I entered my late forties (now early fifties) I needed all the help I could get. It’s been a great ride of personal growth, six opens and a fantastic and helpful community of people and coaches. CrossFit has been important in helping me to get in better physical and tougher mental shape. Because of this, I could successfully rehab from shoulder and hip issues. About two years ago – I had double knee replacements. Not a lot of fun but well worth it. I am finally feeling like I am getting back to where I was before surgery. I am learning to push myself a little bit more each day and CrossFit helps me see the improvements.

Don’t get in Thom’s way!