The CrossFit Bothell Member of the Month for April 2017 has the consistency of old faithful and the results to show for it! He shows up, he works hard, does extra work, and is a shining example of what dedication can do for you. We are happy to congratulate Chad as the April Member of the Month!

We also have an awesome new MoM feature to announce – the MoM WOD … starting this month every MoM gets their own WOD named after them. Come enjoy this one soon!

4 Deadlift 185/255
10 Pull ups
17 OTB Burpees

And now – from Chad himself:

Q1: What is CrossFit to you?

A1: CrossFit, to me, is a great way to improve your overall health in a fun and exciting environment.  It is also a great way to challenge yourself to be better then the day before in a group setting.

Q2: What do you love about CrossFit?

A2: .The new challenge each class presents.  I really enjoy coming into a class and having a different workout to do that presents it own challenges to overcome.  And then pushing myself to a point I didn’t know I could get to.

Q3: What do you love about CrossFit Bothell?

A3: The Coaches and the Community.  I have learned so much in the past few months from the coaches about technique, eating, mobility, pretty much everything.  All the coaches have been a wealth of knowledge to me and are very fun to talk to.  And the people in the gym have been awesome and very welcoming.  And have helped push me to better myself each day.

Q4: What’s your biggest accomplishment at CrossFit thus far?

A4: I set a goal at the start of the year to get better at pull ups and be able to do them consecutively.  My goal is to get 10 strict pull ups and I am very proud that I can get five in a row after starting at ring rows.  So still a lot of improvement but each one on its own is a big accomplishment to me.

Q5: What is the goal you are working on at CrossFit?

A5: Well I am still working on the pull ups goal.  But I also really want to get double unders down.  So that is also on my list on new skills I want to improve on.

Q6: What’s your favorite thing to do at CrossFit?

A6: I really like Snatches.  I remember the first time we overhead squatted I couldn’t balance the bar very well and scaled to front squats.  So every time we snatch, I can really see how much improvement I have made.  Its also a very technical move, so I like the quality feedback I get from the coaches.

Q7: What’s your favorite thing to do outside the gym?

A7: I enjoy going on hikes and walks with my dog.  And enjoy going to see movies whenever I have the extra time and its raining to hard to get on walks.

Q8: If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?

A8: I would have to pick a dog because they are easy going, love their family, and like to have fun.

Q9: What’s the greatest band ever? (Editor Note: the only right answer to this question is METALLICA)

A9: I like a lot of old school 90’s rap.  I would have to say Wu-Tang is one of my favorites.  But there is nothing wrong with some T.Swift.

Q10: What’s your favorite cheat meal?

A10: Pizza and Chipotle.

Q11: What is your CrossFit story and what has CrossFit done for you since you have been coming?

A11: My CrossFit story probably starts like most people, I wasn’t very motivated to go running or to the gym on my own.  So I was looking for something that would be a little less repetitive then those things and would still help me reach some health goals I wanted to make.  I spent a while looking around on the internet and kept coming across CrossFit and after a while decided to put on my big boy pants and give it a try.  Since joining I have seen some amazing gains in my strength and mobility.  And most importantly I feel healthier in everyday life.