Priorities can be a funny thing

They can help serve as guiding principles in our lives. Or they can cripple us and direct decisions the wrong way.

We can get paralyzed when things don’t fit nicely within the priorities that we have defined.

We get hung up on which choice to take right now, and so we do nothing, or we take the easier choice and claim it is a priority.

The problem is that there are multiple parallel threads in our lives that are competing for our thoughts, our time, and our emotions.

We simplify our decisions by holding firmly to one thread.

Far too often at the expense of another.

Remember, that you have a life, and a body, and a mind.

You have to take care of all of them.

Your life is your family, friends, job, charities, hobbies.

Your mind is your inner self, your spirit, your soul, your experience of now.

Your body is your physical being, your heart, muscles, bones, and tendons.

These are all weaved together to create who you are.

Are any of your threads coming unraveled?

Have you neglected any of them for too long?

Priority #1 is taking care of yourself.

Otherwise, you will fail at everything else.

Priority #1 is keeping the fabric of your existence strong and tightly knit.

Take some time today to look at your life.

Are you taking care of yourself?

If you let your body go, your mind will follow.

How much more could you accomplish if you felt better?

How much more could you do if you had more energy?

Take an hour today to get to the gym.

Take 15 minutes tomorrow to do some yoga at home before work.

Take care of your body.

Strengthen your fabric.