What are you waiting for?
You have not started yet.
You are waiting for something.
What is it?

That thing, the thing you just thought.
It’s not really what you are waiting for.
It is a secondary rationale that you have given yourself.
Let’s dig a little deeper.

What are you waiting for?

What is stopping you from having the life you want
Right now?

It’s ok, I know you are afraid.
We have all been there.
Change is scary.
Change is the unknown.
Change is exciting.
Change is beautiful.

Are you really going to be able to do it this time?
Maybe you failed the last time.
And the time before that?
What makes this time different?
You are a new person today.
You are going to join a group of people who are motivated
They will hold you accountable.
And you will hold them accountable.
You will see the joy in helping others succeed while succeeding yourself.
You will have a team of people helping you reach your goals.
You can’t fail this time.
We won’t let you.

Now, what are you waiting for?