Our culture has shifted into a world where more people are considered “Knowledge Workers” than “Laborers”

Many of us don’t use our bodies for our work anymore.
We are thinkers and talkers and writers and planners.
Unfortunately, this has led to an abandonment of balance.
You are more than your brain.

I see people that are treating their body as a tool for nothing more than transporting their brain from place to place.
This makes me sad. 🙁
I am sad because of the lost opportunity for efficacy.
I am sad because they will not live and contribute as long as they could have.

We don’t all need to be competitive athletes.
We just need to understand that our bodies and our brains are linked.
Our brains differentiate us from other animals.
But still…
Our brain needs nutrition to operate.
Our brain is affected by hormones.
Our brain thrives when our bodies are active.

If you are a knowledge worker and value your mind.
Take care of it!
Work your body and improve your brain.
Each needs the other more than we realize.