I was fat in college.
I worked 60 hours a week and also carried a full engineering degree course load.
I got married to the love of my life and she thought she had to feed me.
We ate fried food and drank Kool-Aid because it was cheap.
I traveled the state of Iowa for my job. I drank Mt. Dew by the quart, and fast food by the pound.

I did not have a healthy relationship with food.
If you saw me then, you would never say “You have a fast metabolism and can eat whatever you want.”
Chocolate and donuts are still my weaknesses.

I cannot eat one Oreo. If I eat an Oreo, I eat a package of Oreos.
I am the master rationalizer. I know how bad they are, so I will eat all the Oreos to protect my family from the evils within. I love my wife and daughters so much, that I will sacrifice myself at the Oreo alter for them.

I battle the same addiction to sugar that you do. I have just learned to frame it differently.
Sugar is public enemy #1. Sometimes it gets the better of me.
I use up far more will power than I should while trying to avoid bad food.
Will power that I could apply to more productive endeavors.

We all fight these battles.
Next time you feel the desire to give in.
Think about what you might feel like if you skip it, just this one time.
Then maybe if you feel good, you will skip it another time too.
You can do this. Just don’t pick up that Oreo.
One step at a time.