We need to know who we are and where we are before we can address moving anywhere.

You cannot lay out a map to your destination if you do not know where you are starting. You have to be brutally honest with yourself.

Judge yourself as harshly as you judge others.

Forget your excuses for five minutes and take off your own rose colored glasses. You have been far too easy on yourself for far too long. That is the path that got you to where you are.

Do you like the path that you are on? Do you see daily progress towards your personal, professional, and physical goals?

Be honest with yourself. If you are not seeing progress, then is your current path working?

Are you happy with the rate of progress towards your goals? If not, then something must change.

This all assumes that you have identified those goals, or at least aspirations. If not, then that is the subject of an entirely different discussion. You can get a start here: Goals; Go Get Your Results; Your Highest Priority

Now tell me – how do you feel?
Seriously, take a moment to self-analyze and lets do a body check.
If you focus internally, can you honestly say that you feel good?
Most people are so accustomed to coasting through their day and putting up with discomfort that they don’t even recognize it anymore.
I am not going to address the causes today, but let’s just focus on how we feel for now.

How is your back?
Do you have a subtle nagging headache?
Eyes dry and tired?
Is your stomach comfortable?
When was the last time you belched?
Are you bloated?
When was your last bowel movement?
How about the one before that?
Are your muscles sore?
Can you target a beneficial workout that caused the soreness?
Do your feet hurt? Are you standing?
Is your stomach full?
Are you hungry?
Do you feel relaxed?
Do you feel rushed?
Are you happy?
Are you energized?
Are you eagerly looking forward to something?
Are you regretting something?
What do you long for?

Take the time. Reflect honestly. This is the first step of a journey.

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Nothing will change until you take this first step.