I got injured doing CrossFit. Well…. Let me explain. While coaching, I often demonstrate the incorrect form to show members what they look like doing things wrong. Saggy planks, reverse curls for cleans, pushups where the torso moves but not the legs. It’s a great tool to show how ridiculous these moves look. Sometimes just telling how ineffective the move is by doing it incorrectly is not enough of a deterrent.

Anyhow, I was demonstrating a wide arm version for pushups and heard a crunching sound and was in instant pain.

Long story short, after 12 weeks of treatment, PT, and rest, I had an MRI done. I have a mess of a shoulder. First and foremost a high-grade rotator cuff tear. I’m scheduled for surgery August 23.

Biggest Takeaways…

1. There are reasons we do movements in certain ways. Not just because they look good. 😉

2. Demonstrating incorrect movement may be an effective teaching tool but may also be detrimental.

So if you see me modifying a workout or doing my own thing or think that I’m MIA …Well, this is why. It is driving me crazy. I’m trying to find the balance between pain management, further damage control, and kick ass workouts. CrossFit, when done correctly, can be very healthy. Just don’t be stupid. More thoughts to come…