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FREE “No-Sweat” Consultation

  • Let’s meet and discuss how our program can help you!

  • We’ll talk about your history and goals, then put together a plan that works for YOU.

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Foundation Classes

In this Two Week Class you will:

  • Participate in small classes for Personalized Coaching and goal setting.

  • Learn the fundamental CrossFit movements to Get in Shape for long term fitness.

  • Make some great new Friends!

Foundation Pricing Options

Foundation OptionWhat is included?Price 
Foundation Group Class
2 weeks of foundation class - 3 times a week (TBD)
2 weeks of unlimited classes
1 InBody scan - body fat composition
Foundation Personal Training5 personal training sessions to prepare you for CrossFit group classes$279


CrossFit Membership

After Foundation Classes you will be ready for Long Term Results:

  • In CrossFit Bothell group classes you will attain your fitness and health goals in a safe, community-based, environment.

  • Our coaches will guide you with technical coaching even as your fitness abilities improve.

  • You will always find ways to get better than you were yesterday.

Month-to-Month Membership Options

You must have previous CrossFit or Olympic lifting experience to purchase a membership.
Month-to-Month memberships are set up for auto-pay through your credit card or checking/savings account. Understand that refunds will not be issued. You must notify CrossFit Bothell 30 days prior to the pay date to cancel. Holds on memberships will not be issued. If your credit card is declined or your account has insufficient funds a fee of $10 will be issued.
MembershipThis membership is good for...Recurring Monthly Price 
SingleUnlimited group CrossFit classes, Olympic lifting classes, and open gym times$169
CoupleUnlimited group CrossFit classes, Olympic lifting classes, and open gym times
Couples must live at the same address and use same payment method
10% discountContact to set up this membership.
Open GymOpen Gym times$60
Full-time StudentUnlimited group CrossFit classes, Olympic lifting classes, and open gym times$139Contact to set up this membership.

CrossFit is one of the most popular fitness programs on the planet, and for good reason.  It combines the hands on, customized elements of personal training with the natural support of a group environment to provide proven results. Every class is led by our caring, experienced coaches and tackled alongside a group of like-minded, positive, motivated classmates.  You’ll learn good technique and overcome new challenges with people that will quickly become your friends, motivating you to make continued progress. Each workout is scaled to your fitness level.  Your coaches will alter movements, loads, and required times to ensure that every workout is customized to your current level of fitness.  You’ll always be challenged, but never out of your depth. Still have questions? Unsure about CrossFit? We would love to hear from you to see how we can help! Contact us or just drop in to see us!