Women Only!

Do It For YOU

Do It For YOU


You take care of everyone else all day.

It's time for some 'ME TIME!'

Success comes from surrounding yourself with amazing, positive people.

INCINERATE Fat and Tone that Body!

These workouts are Short, Effective, and FUN!

Do It For THEM

Do It For THEM


Your kid's health and fitness begin with YOU.

Have you read They Are Watching You? Here is a snippet:

Don’t let your children be your excuse.
Let your children be your inspiration for greatness.
They are watching you.
They are watching you work hard to build the future.
They are watching you rebuild your body.
They are watching you take the time to eat healthy.


45 Minute Bootcamp

10:30 AM M/W/F

Your first class is FREE!


Three days a week for four weeks.

Work in a fun group environment.

The positive energy in our gym is infectious!

Must be ready to see a change.

You have to want this!

Leave your Ego at home.

Not everyone is here to lose weight.

All goals are welcome!

Nutrition is important!

We will work with you on a plan.

"Do you have daycare?"We do not have supervised daycare, but we love kids! Coach Laura is a Mom and former School Teacher. If you have awesome kids, they can hang out in our lounge while you workout. This is a class full of other Mom's - if you have to step away for a couple minutes to "Go Mom Mode," we all understand - this is a supportive, understanding environment.

Hosted at CrossFit Bothell Here:

19017 120th Ave NE #105, Bothell, WA 98011