I so regret not knowing about CrossFit sooner. My brother-in-law went to a box in Woodinville and Duvall and told me to do it. Told me how much I’d like it. I resisted for 2 years because of the fear of trying something new and the cost. I was used to gyms costing $35 and anyone who is actually still reading this will gladly pay more to be a part of the Bothell CrossFit community. CrossFit is about challenging yourself. Feeding off the energy of others at the box. It’s about leaving your comfort zone behind you and not being afraid to go harder. The results are life changing.


I love everything about CrossFit Bothell. I love the Coaches who are highly talented and always there to answer your queries, help understand the techniques  and motivate you to reach your goals and are there to encourage you and cheer you for your PRs. I have enjoyed getting to know people in the community by spending time in the class. I also like the way how CrossFit Bothell is involved in the local community activities and the various charities they support.


If anyone is even remotely considering trying CrossFit they need to put aside all their fears and just give it a try. And there’s no more welcoming, friendly and inclusive place than CrossFit Bothell.

Joel L.

The family (and puppy!) friendly community. I love being able to bring my daughter, and when she’s willing, being able to work out with her! And of course, the members! There are definitely some workouts I wouldn’t have made it through if not for the other people working their tail off, too.


I think the gym starts with the leaders. So pretty much since you and Jackie rock, I believe CrossFit Bothell is a top notch gym. The leaders attract the people who also make the gym. You listen to your athletes and create an amazing environment.

The biggest thing for me is making the environment feel welcome to the newest newbies and consistently making them feel comfortable. Not only giving the supreme athletes the attention to excel even more, keeping the new intimidated people motivated and also keep on pushing those athletes in between.

I’ve been to gyms where I felt like if I wasn’t new or wasn’t a top athlete, I was no longer getting any coaching. That doesn’t happen with you!

I’m super excited for your journey!! You are different from the others and I am glad I can be apart of it! you different from most of the others!!


I’ve been a member of cross fit bothell for over 2 years. I have a very non athletic background and knew I needed to increase strength and ROM as I age. The coaches are great at giving me plenty of pointers and making sure I do moves correctly. I normally scale most activities and I never feel pressured to do RX. I am now running 3 miles a few times a week in between crossfit. I had never ran a mile before.

Jane Whitney

I just graduated from your Cross Fit On Ramp classes! The knowledge I gained was the best $99 I ever spent on a gym membership. So THANK YOU! I learned so much.

Jennifer R.

The coaches and community are amazing. The workouts are challenging and hard, but the support that me and my son get is amazing. The coaches are very patient and gentle, and keep driving us forward even though we are beginners. It’s hard to express how thankful we are.


CrossFit has enabled me to feel strong and capable when the medical community has often made me feel fragile and limited. I’m not sure if I’d have had the same successful experience if I wasn’t at CrossFit Bothell, because the coaches here have invested so much into understanding my needs, meeting me where I am on a given day, and pushing me to do my best when I’m able to do more. With ongoing communication, they also get when I actually need modifications or to not push it, so I feel safe being coached here and trust when they want me to do something more, new, or different. That relationship has made it so I’m now doing a ton, lifting more, moving better, and having less pain than ever because of the strength and control I’ve gained (thanks guys, you’re awesome!).

Christy N

I am never judged at CrossFit Bothell.  I love the atmosphere and how everyone makes me feel like I belong. Everyone is constantly encouraging and supporting me.  Everybody’s support is what has gotten me through some pretty tough WODs.