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Daniel Weaver, owner and coach, has over 9 years of professional experience in strength and conditioning. From an internship in college through his own time competing in powerlifting, Daniel has continued to sharpen his skills and knowledge. After an introduction to Crossfit, he found his passion and built a career in helping others test their abilities and challenge their minds. After years of coaching Daniel took over the torch of leadership at Bewildered Fitness, Home of Crossfit Bothell.

Daniel is a lifelong student of the game and believes he would not be where he is today in life without the guidance and help from those who helped pave the way. "Community is everything for me, it is what got me bought in to training in the first place, and it is what keeps me going down this career path to this day. I love being able to have a hand in creating a dynamic culture of individuals who come together to support this idea of a holistic approach to fitness, where we strengthen our minds, bodies, and spirits to allow us to show up in our lives better.”



Alex Walker is a Bothell native, amateur weightlifter, and professional dog dad. His loves Olympic lifting and has a complicated relationship with the assault bike. Alex is passionate about fitness and nutrition, and excited to support his hometown. You can also join Alex for personal training sessions and Coffee & Abs Zoom workouts. 

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