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Being (all of us) Coachable.

  • Last week we talked about the idea of 'whether you think you can, or think you can't - you're right' and how that relates to our mindset on creating time to train, making lifts, and more. You can check that out here:

  • The week before that some ideas on training frequency/intensity and a way to think about your gym attendance and efforts. You can check that out here:

  • The week before thaaaat some ideas on creating momentum for yourself and shifting to a process-oriented mindset vs a result-oriented mindset. You can check that out here:

To tie this all together, we can basically say this....

We are the only ones who can create the time and habits to make change in our lives. Once we take that step, our efforts in the gym from how we think about the training to how we perform it are really important to make this all a lifestyle change. This helps us get the most of what we are attempting to do.

We tend to get in our own ways.

This does not discount how busy we might or might not be, how overwhelmed we may feel, or how difficult this is to stay consistent with. It doesn't take away that our days may be challenging, and we may be tired. We should give ourselves grace AND... not always let our emotions/thoughts lead us... especially if they aren't serving the path we want to be heading down.

It is simple, but it is not easy, AND... you CAN do it.

This week, I want to dive into the concept of being a student of the game.

Being coachable.

With this movement practice we are engaging in, there often comes plenty of opinions on how to get things done. Our goal as coaches is to be a second set of eyes on how you're moving, to challenge you (be that going faster, doing more, pushing yourself on a task OR... slowing down, being methodical, and focusing on a specific technique) ... and we also want to help give you the best training practices we can.

With that in mind... we should all ask ourselves (us coaches included) How coachable are we?

Are we curious about improvement?

Are we open to feedback?

Are we seeking to understand?

Do we show up on time and ready to listen?

Do we make effort to apply what we learn?

We are all adults here and I understand this is a fitness thing. It's not that big of a deal on paper. However, imagine if we use this concept across all areas of life. I will be the first to say, this work is for me also. It takes the same effort as getting in our car with a commitment to drive to the gym and the same effort as increasing our fitness to reach our goals.

It takes day in and day out pursuit of being coachable.

Us coaches won't always have the right answers and we will get things wrong, yet with your help and ours... we can explore the path forward together and find the solutions that work for you in all we do. Along that path life will inevitably get in the way of this, remember to reset your intentions every time it does.

It won't always be logical. It won't always have a clear direction to it. This practice is a bit of an art form after all.

Keep practicing, keep efforting, and keep moving.

Coach D.

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