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Complaining culture.

What we focus on is often what becomes our reality. We have talked about this before in other ways.

Let's talk about complaining.

And.... let's be real.... a gym is a great place to complain! I understand that. We all complain at some point, about something, to someone. It feels good sometimes. To vent and to be heard.

However, this also could swing too far to one side. A few complainers can create a room full of them and eventually a culture of them.

The more we find things to complain about, or negative things to pay attention to, the more our world and reality becomes shaped by them.

This is not to say finding the negative is wrong.

After all, to grow your technique we first need to know what you are doing wrong. We aren't talking about that kind of negative feedback.

Some of us are wired for stress. Complaining increases it.

If we want to experience more happiness and motivation and create a culture where embracing the challenges and hard work is part of it, where the suffering through hard workouts is part of it... then it would behoove us to cut out the complaints as much as we can.

It's not easy.

Many of our social lives are based around complaining. About politics, about the weather, our job, or about whatever it is we don't like that day.

We want others to sympathize with us. That is ok!

I am not saying to never complain again. It has its time and place. Venting over your frustrations and challenges to a loved on is a great way to work through them.

What I am saying is take a look at how often. Take a look at what you notice throughout your day.

A tough workout you don't want to do...

Bike sprints, long cardio, heavy barbells...

Movements you don't have yet..

How THAT person is being, what THEY said...

You get the idea.

Instead, find the opportunity in everything.

What is here for you in these moments of frustration? What is at the root of the thing that triggers your complaint?

Do you want to improve in an area?

Can you take on a leadership role and accept some responsibility in some way?

Do you simply want to connect with someone?

Is there a tough conversation or decision to be made?

Have you had a bad day elsewhere and bringing it into another situation?

Can you empathize and think of other stories that may be true with that person you're upset with or the situation that has challenged you or the thing you've noticed that YOU don't like?

Often, there are other truths outside of our own reality, that if we fully knew, may change the very thing that is challenging us and our own story around it.

Seek to understand, be curious, and find the opportunity in everything.

Practice this the same way you do building strength or muscle in the gym.

Over and over and over again. I'll be right there with ya in it. Expect failure here, then keep going.

Coach D.

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