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COVID-19 Gym Safety

The number one priority for Bewildered Fitness is keeping you and our staff safe. Listed below are our policies, procedures and precautions we adhere to during COVID-19. Please take a moment to read all the details, and reach out with any questions or concerns.

If you are not ready to return to the gym and looking for home workouts, we support you. Learn more about our Train at Home program.


  • Class size is limited – all members must register in advance using Push Press. If the class is full you can add yourself to the waitlist, or select another convenient time to attend.

  • Please enter the gym with you mask on. To help manage traffic flow, the side door is our only door for entrance into the gym. Both the front door and back garage doors are for exit only.

  • Upon entry please use the hand sanitizer provided.

  • Please maintain 6 feet of distance from all other athletes and coaches before, during, and after class.

  • Class schedules are available on the Push Press App.

  • Cancellations: Please cancel your reservation to allow athletes to fill our limited spots.


  • You will have your own designated Lifting Station for the entire class.

  • Athletes are required to wear a mask upon entrance and until settled into their Station. A mask is required to be worn post WOD and through exit.

  • Please help keep our gym clean - all equipment must be sanitized when done with the workout.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the gym at the entrance, and in each Station.

  • Bathrooms are available. Please wash your hands after bathroom use.

  • No towel service. Please bring a towel with you to clean equipment.

  • Please limit your time in the gym to 10 minutes before and after class.

  • Staff and coaches will wear masks.

  • Staff and coaches will sanitize and clean the gym frequently.

  • All equipment and commonly used surfaces will be cleaned regularly with a CDC approved disinfectant.


If you aren’t feeling well, have a cough, fever or symptoms of COVID-19, please don’t attend class for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative. Members will have access to our At Home programming if needed.

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