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Got a case of the MonDAZE?

Often times we may find ourselves lacking motivation to get to the gym. One missed workout could be followed by another, and then a week goes by. We think.. 'I will start back Monday!'

... Monday rolls around and things get busy at work or at home, we decide we will go tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and we are tired. Another week goes by...

You know the rest of the story here.

We are creatures of habit.

We create momentum, be that negative or positive.

Once we develop a habit of not attending, it becomes really difficult to get back into the routine TO attend. Maybe we lose motivation due to not seeing a certain result. Maybe life feels a little too overwhelming at the moment. Maybe we are getting in our own way with how we are thinking about all of this. Creating excuses for the narrative we tell ourselves.

.... and that is OK!

It happens to all of us. We go through ups and downs and in the downs it becomes really tough to find stories that create positive momentum.

It is really hard to take full responsibility for what we are committed to.

What I want to encourage you to do if you find yourself here, and even if you don't... is to shift yourself on your mindset to your WHY.

Why are you doing this?

I am sure you started out with a result in mind. Results are nice, but what happens when we get there? What happens if we don't? What happens if we are so result driven, we lose sight of the entire process?

What if results are actually out of our control? (Hint... they are)

What if the process is where we can fall in love again.

Hang with me here...

If we can shift to a process-oriented outlook and consider what we do inside the gym as a MOVEMENT PRACTICE rather than a workout for a result we once had, we can find motivation again and again. We can look at each day as a way to develop and grow through this movement practice. We can look at each movement as a skill and a thing to become a master at.

Compare this to a martial art. If enrolling in a martial art you could find yourself 30 years in with some deep practice under your belt, some expertise, for sure some fitness and results as a byproduct of it all, and you can STILL continue progressing day in and day out.

If you lost focus here, set your intention back on taking one small step to create new momentum and new habits again. Lay the foundation and become process oriented.

Simply begin again.

Come pursue the never-ending process of getting STRONGER and more FIT for life. Get curious how you can better perform movements... everything from the warmup to the us yelling 'TIME!'

If you need extra help, email me directly. Let's talk.

KEEP GOING! See ya out there.

Coach D.

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