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How is your nervous system doing?


To make this as simple as we can... we have a nervous system in our body called the Autonomic nervous system. Within that system is the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight/freeze) and the parasympathetic nervous system (rest/digest).

These systems control involuntary physiological responses such as heart rate, sweat, blood pressure, sexual/creative responses and more.

Our behavior patterns can influence our autonomic nervous system. Meaning, the things we think and do can dictate what is going on in our body.

Over stimulation can change our nervous system physiology... I.e... our body can make adaptations inside due to our nervous system responses to our environment around us.

Thought experiment this...

What wakes you up in the morning?

How do you feel about it when it happens?

Is it a shock to the system or gradual?

Do you get on your phone and scroll right when you wake up?

Answer texts/emails?

How about before bed? Those screens stimulate.

Is there multi-tasking involved throughout your day, and how much of it and how often?

How often are you overthinking?


How often are you working?

Working out?

How often are you at rest? I mean without a phone, tv, distraction... real rest?

Our environment around us can influence how we behave; our multitasking and overstimulation can cause stress.

More stress = more ATP (energy) use.

The more stressed and overstimulated we are, the more drained our batteries get. This is a much easier environment for reactions to take place, negative behaviors we resort to often, victim mode, me against the world mentality, and this can all perpetuate itself deeper and deeper.

An environment of chronic dysregulation = dis-ease.


We can control our behavior.

Instead of waking up and checking your phone, wake up and have some water and go on a quick walk outside with no phone. Save the work/emails or immediate go mode actions for right after. Create the space.

Find 3-5 moments a day you multitask, become aware of it, then try to only do one thing at a time. Create this as a new habit.

Think about any environment you feel overstimulated in. Work to change that environment.

Low stimulation, sleep, nourishing food, coregulation with good people,

emotional/psychological work all help here also.


You have heard this in class. Your breath is low hanging fruit you can start with RIGHT NOW.

How often are you shallow breathing through your mouth?

This perpetuates responses inside the body that can increase stimulation, stress, and anxiety. Try to nose breath as often as you can, especially when sitting and walking. Go for longer slower inhales and exhales.

Try out box breathing to calm down here:

Remember to focus on the gear system when training, unsure what that is? Ask in class!

Lastly, find a calming practice...

Meditation and yoga can help!

We now offer yoga classes as an add on for all students of the gym. Email me, for more details.

Keep going.

Coach D.

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