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The only thing certain, is uncertainty

What goes on when you think of this idea... the only thing certain is uncertainty?

We have all probably heard some version of this.

Said another way... results are out of our hands.

Last week we had a re-test week at the gym. After 10 weeks of hard work, you had the opportunity to get some feedback on your efforts with some retesting.

We do this for a number of reasons.

  • Reason 1: It's good to know if your physical abilities are improving. That said, this movement practice is NOT linear. Our bodies aren't always capable of improving in that fashion. We must take into account all sorts of inputs that go into growth. Remember reading about the process over results in previous blogs. The result could be viewed as the uncertain thing and that IS always promised to us.

  • Reason 2: FUN! The paradox to not being result driven is that results are also good to have! It allows us to regularly opt into challenging ourselves. The last blog talked about this very thing and the importance of challenging yourself. Go give that a read! Challenges can be a fun way to motivate yourself for the monotony of the daily grind that being process-oriented requires.

Uncertainty is tough. It is debilitating at times.

Uncertainty could provide reasons why we escape, why we avoid, and why we don't take ownership. It has the potential to keep people from striving towards their passions and purpose. It creates a desire to play it safe.

With awareness, we can shift this.

Treat this week like a challenge of accepting the uncertainty that training can bring. That life can bring. Get comfortable with the discomfort.

BE CERTAIN of who you want to be. How you want to show up. Of who you are.

BE CERTAIN of choosing how you respond to uncertainty. Discover what your fear is in the uncertainty and build a challenge for it.

See ya out there.

Coach D.

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