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Why a challenge?

Why a challenge?

When was the last time you challenged yourself? If you are a student at the gym, you do this often.

As humans, we tend to lean heavily on building comfort in our lives. Often, we aren't even aware we are doing it.

It's also perfectly ok to desire comfort.


It could be a recipe for stagnation if we swing too far in that direction.

Leaving your comfort zone involves a little self-belief. Participating in a challenge is a really low hanging piece of fruit way to build some self-belief.

It provides an opportunity to prove to yourself that you CAN do something. The more we set things up in our life to give us a chance to hold to our word and do what we say we are going to do with ourselves, the more self-belief we can create.... and self-belief is a great asset when doing anything involving growth. Be that in our careers, relationships, or our own personal development.

This thing has a high level of transferability is what we are saying.

Challenges can build grit and resiliency. They can stimulate brain function to ease depression and anxiety.

They can be big things or small things.

They don't have to be completed perfectly.

It's ok to fall off track. Simply get back on and finish.

Read past articles for more on that.

We started a 4 week challenge last week on RUNNING. Before I lose ya, most of us don't like to run, or so we think. This is part of the challenge... it's not to late to opt in!

Do it for a reason...

Prepare for it.

- Tips on fueling/hydrating in our performance series, for more of those click here:

Get your name on the whiteboard at the gym and let's get to work! Prizes for the winner (but do it for the process).

See ya out there.

Coach D.

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